Dr Katie Best

Katie is the Founder and Director of KatieBest Associates and has more than 15 years’ experience in the field of leadership development and coaching. Her style is clear, consultative and encouraging and she has worked with a considerable roster of clients, including Simmons & Simmons, Lewis Silkin, KPMG, EY, Barclays, Kaplan Altior, NHS, V&A, The Olympic Legacy Corporation, LSE and Cass Business School.


Within a year of completing her PhD at King’s College London, Katie was MBA Director at BPP Business School. Within this role she designed and delivered award-winning MBA programmes where graduates were shown to be considerably more adept at leadership, client work and treated as a significant asset by their firms. After three years, she moved to LSE to become the Foundation of Management Education Fellow, providing a bridge between academia and practice, engaging students in real-world learning, and bringing academic expertise to businesses. Her award-winning research has been published in top-ranked journals in the fields of Management and Social Sciences.


To this day, Katie continues her affiliation with the London School of Economics, acting as Head Tutor on the MBA Essentials programme; and as Chief Examiner on the module ‘Core Management Concepts’. She works with over 2500 students a year, including CEOs, business owners, senior leaders across the globe and future leaders. 


In addition to the above, Katie is an ICF accredited coach and mentor to individuals in leadership positions such as Partners, CEOs, and Board Directors, as well as future leaders. She also facilitates workshops and meetings to achieve a more effective, actionable outcome for clients.

KatieBest Associates is a small, highly specialised consultancy founded by Dr Katie Best ACC. Its mission is to help firms excel by helping their leaders to excel.


How? Via one, or a combination of:


Katie has worked in and with leading organisations and universities for more than 15 years. To this day, Katie continues her affiliation with the London School of Economics, acting as Head Tutor on the MBA Essentials programme; and as Chief Examiner on the module ‘Core Management Concepts’. She works with over 2,500 students a year, including CEOs, business owners and senior leaders across the globe.


Training & Development

Under Katie’s experience, KatieBest Associates specialises in creating and delivering evidence-based training and development solutions for the evolution of current and future leadership capabilities. Recent projects have ranged from extensive, long-length programmes working with senior leaders to assess and advance their leadership skills, to targeted half-day communication courses using the latest research on workplace communication to maximise leadership effectiveness. 



In addition, KatieBest offers leadership coaching and works with a range of clients to help them grow as leaders for now and for the future. There’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ leadership coaching assignment – we help our clients to explore options and formulate solutions in a way that fits their context and the very specific nature of their challenges. Sometimes these challenges are focused solely on the leadership space; on other occasions, they require a more detailed look at other aspects of their work and practice and how these feed into leadership performance and effectiveness. 


All our work is client-led, focused on helping clients unlock their potential as the best leaders that they can be. We help to navigate their challenges, and provide support and stretch with solutions. We help clients to make use of a range of models, frameworks and techniques to help them understand and unlock their potential to take steps forward.  

Recognising the needs of businesses as being diverse, we offer services both in person and online, and to timescales that fit with business needs. 

Katie works closely with a roster of other associates. When choosing who to bring on board for projects, Katie chooses associates with a highly engaging, encouraging approach, and a strong professional profile. Katie also works as an associate for a small collection of other consultancy and training firms, helping her to bring her work to a wider range of clients, including the civil service sector, and workplace management teams. 


For more information on how KatieBest Associates can help you, take a look at the leadership development programmes and coaching services we offer, as well as the great testimonials from our clients.

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