Planning & Consulting

Leaders of an organisation are one of its most important assets. Making sure they are effective and able is one thing, but what about who comes next? Knowing who the next generation of leaders are in your company, and preparing them for leadership is critical to ensure that the firm remains competitive and embraces the future.

For the past 15 years, Katie has worked with a wide variety of leaders, including CEOs, business owners and senior leaders. Importantly, she also works with next generation leaders, and has developed a vast amount of experience and knowledge of: 

  • what successful leaders look like

  • how leadership succession relates to an organisation’s context

  • understanding how to develop the effectiveness and status of future leaders.

Katie designs and develops programmes and activities focused on helping organisations identify, plan for and develop their next generation of leaders. She is also able to work with these individuals through and after their transition to leadership to ensure continued effectiveness and success, if required. 

Training and development programmes for future leaders have proven to deliver multiple benefits. Individuals undertaking training have proven to be more effective in their current role as well as in their future leadership role, and also show a greater sense of loyalty to the providing company and less of a desire to move to a competitor. 

To discuss your organisation’s goals around identifying and planning for its next generation of leaders, or getting the right training in place, give Katie a call on 07709 496621 or send us an email.