Katie by nature is an engaging, approachable and creative, strategic thinker; qualities which shape and make her coaching style so effective. Through coaching, Katie helps leaders to explore their individual challenges and opportunities, and assists them in making progress towards and finding solutions for their goals. 

There’s no such thing as a ‘typical’ leadership coaching assignment – Katie uses the one-to-one nature of coaching to really get to know the individual, and to help them identify solutions to their unique challenges. Sometimes these are very limited to the leadership space; on other occasions, they require an additional, more detailed look at other aspects of their work and practice. 

Whilst no two coaching assignments are the same, some common themes which arise in Katie’s coaching practice, and which she has been able to help leaders with include:

  • Navigating unchartered territories and unprecedented times

  • Setting yourself up to be ready for that next leadership position

  • Making the transition from senior manager or leader, to partner or director

  • Embracing leadership on returning from parental leave (both male and female)

  • Positioning oneself as the next leader of the organisation 

  • Adjusting leadership approach to stop an outflow of younger team members

  • Modernising leadership style to fit a cultural change at the organisation level

  • Improving team dynamics through better leadership communication

  • Exploring the next stage in one’s leadership journey

  • Deciding on a leadership approach in the face of new responsibilities

  • Improving influence and status as a leader with fellow leaders

  • Holding one’s own in the Boardroom 

  • Developing confidence to make presentations of a quality that a senior leader should be delivering

  • Navigating the challenges of being in a dual-career couple

Katie has coached leaders in many different sectors; from financial services and law firms to marketing and advertising companies, to technology start-ups through to not-for-profit, educational and government organisations. The common thread is that they are currently leaders, or plan to be in the near future. Katie’s style is client-focused and her awareness of these different working environments makes for more creative solutions, helping clients unlock their potential as high-performance leaders at the same time as staying true to the qualities which are at the heart of who they are. 

Recognising the needs of businesses as being diverse, Katie can offer coaching services both in person and online, and to fit required timescales. 

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"Katie's sessions have been invaluable for me – she has helped me to define my approach as a leader and focus on the key areas where I want to develop.  I have a vision of where I want to be and how I want to be perceived, which I can work towards.  Katie's guidance has led me to build into my regular routine time to reflect and to improve, which ensures I will continue to feel the benefits of her coaching."


Client, Mishcon de Reya